How to Learn a New Language For Free? Duolingo Guide

How to Learn a New Language For Free? Duolingo Guide

If you are looking for the answer to “How to Learn a New Language For Free?”, read on.

Before diving into the guide, think about the following:

Have you ever tried learning a new language at some point of your life?

If so, which tools / books / schools / courses have you chosen?

Having so many options on the market, how do you make the final decision?

You might ask yourself these questions:

Is it expensive?

Is it fun and interactive?

Could you learn at your own pace?

If you are looking for a free tool which is interactive and allows you to learn at your own pace, Duolingo is the perfect tool.

How to Learn a New Language For Free? Duolingo Guide

In this post, you will know how to learn a new language for free using Duolingo. We will walk you through the steps from creating an account to starting your first module.

Total time: 10 minutes

Step 1. Create your account on Duolingo

Click “Get started”

Step 2. Select the new language you want to learn

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Step 3. Click the reason for “Why are you learning a language?”

Select one from among the following: School, Job Opportunities, Culture, Travel, Family & Friends, Brain Training, Other

Step 4. Choose a daily goal

Choose a goal that fits your preference of daily time of learning.

Step 5. Start learning and have fun

Choose a goal that fits your preference of daily time of learning.


Is it free to use Duolingo to learn a new language?

Yes, Duolingo is free to use.

Can I learn more than one language?

Yes, Duolingo allows users to select multiple languages to learn at their own pace.

Can I learn a new language with Duolingo using my mobile phone?

Yes, as long as you have downloaded the Duolingo app (iOS or Android). You need an internet connection while learning.

Can I learn a new language with Duolingo using my computer?

Yes. You could use the web version of Duolingo to learn a new language.

Can I learn a new language with my friends using Duolingo?

You could invite your friends to register for an account on Duolingo and then follow them. You would then be able to see how well they are doing for a particular language by checking their total experience point by referring to their “Total XP”. It’s fun learning a new language in such a way! Definitely a motivation boost!

Is Duolingo ad-free?

No. If you want to learn a new language with an ad-free experience, you could consider Duolingo Plus.

I am a language teacher, could I use Duolingo to teach my students?

Yes. You could use “Duolingo for Schools”. It offers amazing features to facilitate language teachers and educators to teach their students.

Sharings by Founder of Duolingo

My Language Learning Journey

University Japanese Courses

I took a few Japanese courses in university during my studies.

While it was fun, each lesson lasting for around 2 hours was a little too long for me.

Just too many new concepts to master and too many new words to remember.

Have you also experienced similar scenario before?

After these years without putting Japanese into practice, I have almost forgotten everything…


After graduation from University, I tried Duolingo to learn Spanish and German.

I immediately fell in love with its gamified and interactive design!

Moreover, it’s bite-size module allows me to learn even I only have 10 minutes of free time.

I particularly like Duolingo for reminding me which modules I should review.

That makes my learning sticks.

You are also highly recommended to try Duolingo with your friends.

It would make your language learning journey much more motivated.

Have you started your Duolingo journey yet?

Let me know which language(s) have you started to learn in the comments!

Also let me know if you have other great language-learning tools and resources.

Cheers and enjoy learning!

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